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Wrap-Up Experts' tools are designed to protect contractors' profits in a wrap-up, CCIP or OCIP. While the ultimate beneficiary is the contractor, the tools can be used by insurance agents who are active in the construction industry.

Common Pitfalls in Wrap-Ups. - 30-Minute Webinar - $19.95

For contractors, subcontractors and insurance professionals. This PowerPoint presentation and informative interview with Duke Mills covers the three stages of a wrap-up, pointing out the potential pitfalls of each stage. How to calculate the correct cost of insurance for the bid deduction, common audit errors, surprisingly stringent safety programs and unexpectedly high fines, penalties and deductibles are among the topics in this wrap-up primer.

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Needs Assessment Scorecard - Sales Tool - $9.95

This one-page sales tool guides contractors through the thought process of assessing their current wrap-up efforts. It is designed for insurance agents to use in a consultative sales process to gain a contractor's trust and wrap-up consulting business.

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We'll Do It For You Program $495 Per Pre-Bid Review or Audit of a Single Wrap-Up Phase

We'll prepare the pre-bid insurance deduction worksheet or analyze an active project audit or a close-out audit. Clients (contractors or agents representing contractors) receive a completed pre-bid insurance deduction worksheet or written evaluation of the audit with action-items and recommendations. They also receive a Wrap-Up Experts checklist for future projects and a subscription to our monthly Killer Tips newsletter.

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Contractors Survival Guide to Wrap-Ups $99 - Extensive Manual with CD

Written for contractors and the insurance agents assisting them, this is a comprehensive manual to successfully navigating wrap-ups. This colorful, easy-to-read guide, offers concise definitions and explanations, cites real contractor experiences, and provides valuable forms, flow charts, and "Killer Tips" to help contractors protect their profits from bid errors and audit overpayments.

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Wrap-Up Education for Insurance Agents

We offer two levels of education and support to insurance professionals based on their needs. There is a one-time sign-up fee and a monthly subscription for each. One program is geared to insurance professionals who are new to wrap-ups, and one is geared to those who are already working with wrap-ups but who want to keep their knowledge and expertise up to date.

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