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Wrap-Up Experts consults with construction companies and their insurance agents to help contractors and subcontractors protect their profits on projects involved in wrap-up insurance programs.

The concept evolved as Duke Mills, who owns WorkComp Solutions, an insurance agency in Central Florida, worked with medium- and large-sized contractors on their workers' compensation insurance needs. About 10 years ago, his construction clients began getting involved in projects covered by wrap-up wrap-ups. These are also called Controlled Insurance Programs (CIPs), Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIPs) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIPs).

Duke quickly learned that mistakes in the bidding and auditing stages were extremely costly and very easy to make. High deductibles, extra administrative work, coverage gaps, stringent safety programs, and surprisingly high penalties and fines could wipe out any profit a subcontractor had in a project.

He became an expert in these complex insurance programs and continues to consult with Florida contractors and subcontractors. Wrap-Up Experts helps contractors in each phase of the wrap-up, from accurately completing the pre-bid, deduction worksheet through analyzing the final audit. Duke wrote the Contractor Survival Guide for Wrap-Ups and offers consulting services, seminars and webinars to the industry.

Wrap-Up Experts has also created an educational series to help insurance agents become wrap-up experts and increase their income by offering consulting services to their clients in the construction industry.