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Duke Mills, President Wrap-Up Experts and WorkComp Solutions

photo: Duke Mills

Duke Mills is the founder and president of WorkComp Solutions, Inc., a workers' compensation agency, and its Wrap-Up Experts division. Founded in 1997 in Lakeland, Fla., WorkComp Solutions is an insurance agency, focused exclusively on workers' compensation for mid- to large-size employers. The company helps clients build and implement programs to drive down workers' compensation costs through aggressive claims management, experience modification analysis, classification verification, contract negotiations, and strategic consulting.

Through representing numerous building contractors and subcontractors, Duke has acquired a keen understanding of workers' compensation and general liability insurance wrap-up issues. Wrap-ups are difficult to grasp and costly mistakes easily occur due to the lack of transparency in contracts, gaps in insurance coverage and the conflict of interest between parties.

Duke has consolidated his expertise into the "Contractor's Survival Guide for Wrap-Ups." This easy-to-read, nicely laid-out manual features useful flow charts and check lists to protect contractors' profits from bid errors, Experience Modification mistakes, coverage gaps, and audit overpayments.

Duke has been a keynote speaker for the Institute of Work Comp Professionals and has spoken for numerous construction associations, and Lorman Education Services. An active member of the Florida Association of Independent Agents, Duke serves on its Legislative Task Force. Duke is a member of the American Subcontractors Association (ASA), Painting & Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), and Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC Contractors).


Duke Mills, Wrap-Up Experts, 863-646-4642 Duke@wrapupexperts.com

To schedule Duke Mills as a guest speaker for your next association meeting, contact Duke at Duke@WrapUpExperts.com or 863.646.4642

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