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For Agents Only ... a message from Duke Mills on the benefits of being a Wrap-Up Expert

photo: Duke Mills

How many calls a month do you think contractors get from insurance agents? Unless you fill a much-needed niche, you'll have a hard time getting through. Being a Wrap-up Expert opens doors to new customers and it positions you as a valued advisor instead of just someone selling a commodity. Wrap-up Experts provide a consulting service that contractors both need and appreciate.

I own an agency that specializes in workers' compensation insurance and have worked with contractors for two decades. As competition grew over the years, it became more difficult to differentiate our company from competitors--until I targeted contractors who participate in wrap-up projects. I consolidated my experience in reviewing, adjusting and auditing wrap-up documents and bid deduction worksheets and positioned myself as a Wrap-Up Expert.

Now I consult with general and subcontractors in all phases of wrap-ups from the pre-bid evaluation through the final audit. Contractors and subcontractors value -- and pay for -- my advice.

As a result, my agency has steadily increased its fee-based consulting revenue, offsetting recent declines in commissions due to rate cuts and the economy. Plus, being a Wrap-Up Expert has opened doors to prospects who would not otherwise take my calls.

I can't serve every contractor in the country, so I want to help you become a Wrap-Up Expert. I have designed an educational program to support insurance professionals as they get involved in this niche. Learn more by watching this recorded webinar (link to webinar on resources page) "Contracts: Are you Losing Money on Wrap-Ups, OCIPs and CCIPs" Check out the partner levels and find the one that fits you.

Duke Mills