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Turnkey Program - We'll Do It For You

Struggling with wrap-up paperwork? Not 100% sure you're doing it correctly? Wrap-Up Experts will review a single phase of your contractor's wrap-up program for you for $495 per audit and review. This could be any one of the following:

  • Pre-Bid Preparation
  • Active Project Phase
  • Close-Out Stage

We will examine the insurance deduction calculations (the pre-bid insurance deduction worksheet), fines and penalties, claim reserves, subcontractor deductions, premium audience and experience modifiers. The program includes a comprehensive written report with action-items and recommendations, a Wrap-Up Experts checklist for future projects, and a subscription to our monthly Killer Tip newsletter.

Send us the contractor's wrap-up project information and we'll prepare a concise analysis and action plan on any one of these stages for you to present to your client. We'll do the work; you'll be the hero.

Contact Duke Mills or call 863-646-4642 to get started.